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Jazz Improvisation Tips: Part 2 – A Jazz Listening Guide For Jazz Improvisation Practice

In this video we’ll be talking about the paramount importance of listening as a regular part of your jazz practice. The great jazz improvisation masters that came before us spent countless hours listening to and studying the music of the other great players. The learned the language of jazz by listening, imitating, assimilating and finally [...]


Jazz Improvisation Tips: Part 1 – The Great Balancing Act

In this video we will explore one of the biggest mistakes made by aspiring jazz musicians. It is so important for the student of jazz to include listening, eartraining, playing sessions, attending gigs and so on in to their daily practice activities. This obviously makes no difference whether you play jazz guitar, saxophone, piano or [...]

Jazz Practice Targets

Jazz Practice Tip #1

Jazz Practice with a Purpose When many young (and not-so-young) musicians first gain some facility on their instruments, they often want to play all the time. The sheer joy of making their own music and sounding good on their ax is irresistible. They noodle constantly—before the song, during the song, after the song, when someone [...]

Jazz Improvisation

Real World Jazz Improvisation Lessons

Jazz Improvisation | The Jam Session 7 Tips for Succeeding At Jam Sessions In a previous lesson we talked about the importance of getting experience playing music with other people. Mastering  jazz improvisation doesn’t happened in the practice room alone, and local jam sessions are a great place to get some experience playing with people, get [...]

Jazz Lessons

Big Picture Jazz Lessons – Exploding Brain Syndrome

Simplify the Jazz Lessons | Crazy Practice Routines I’ve had many jazz lessons and many students over the years who complained of being overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of learning to play jazz. There is so much to learn and it can be difficult to know where to start. There’s instrumental technique, theory, the fundamentals, [...]