9 Traits of Monster Jazz Musicians

jazz musicians 150x150 9 Traits of Monster Jazz MusiciansToday I’ve got this cool little check list to lay on ya. Food for thought, if you dig…

9 Traits of Monster Jazz Musicians

They Work On ‘Them Selves’. Monster players know that to play music at the deepest, most expressive and most badass level they’ve got to keep getting better as a person too.

They work on becoming more confident, more free, more honest, more genuine and so forth…

They Are Very Curious. The best players love to learn about…well, everything. They’re curious as hell. They love to check out ALL great music. They don’t get locked into pigeon holes. But they also dig checking out other art forms and other disciplines all together.

They Are Comfortable with the Unknown. Monster Jazz Musicians know that writing a new tune, sitting in with a new band, playing a new standard and any truly creative endeavor means stepping out of the old comfort zone and being open and ready for unknown opportunities, experiences and even challenges.

They Accept Obstacles. The most successful players understand that there are always obstacles and challenges to overcome. But they relish in these challenges. In fact it is the overcoming of challenges and eventual success that is most rewarding!

They Accept and Learn From Mistakes. Monsters also know that mistakes are part of the deal. The more mistakes you make and learn from, the faster you learn. Everyone makes mistake. Everyone.

They Are aware of the Macro View. Top players know how to look at the big picture. They know that some of the things they are developing in their playing will go on for years. They are not concerned with ‘arriving’ as a great player. They are concerned with the process, the journey.

But They Also See the Micro View. Great players can simplify and zoom in on a musical idea, concept or detail and work it to mastery – like the stories of Dolphy working on one note for weeks at a time.

They Are Patient. Great players understand that to truly learn and grow in a deep and meaningful way you’ve got to be patient and take your time. If you’re in a hurry you’ll never get there. Here’s the kicker: If you take your time and dig in deep to what you’re practicing you’ll actually progress faster!

They Are Driven by Love and Joy. They love to play. Period. Discipline plays a small role in their motivation. They may have high standards and excellent musical ethics, but they are driven to play music by love and joy.

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