Jazz Improvisation Tips: Part 3 – Killing It At Jazz Jam Sessions

In this video we’ll talk about the importance of jazz musicians attending local jazz jam sessions.

It’s where we cut our teeth as jazz improvisers. It’s where we develop our ears and start sharpening our musical instincts.

Jam session are a great learning opportunity for jazz horn players – saxophone, trumpet, trombone, etc – and also rhythm section players like drummers, bass players, guitarists and piano players.

Rhythm section players can learn how to lock up, how to support the soloist and how to take the music to another level when needed.

Horn players can learn tunes, learn leadership skills and also learn how to blend and play with other horn players as well as working with a live rhythm section.

You gotta practice, gotta listen and you gotta play!

No get out there and hit those sessions!

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