Why do other players seem to get better faster than I do? Part 2

Success Mindset e1317589996108 Why do other players seem to get better faster than I do? Part 2(Success Mindset—focus on wants, not on fears)

Successful cats have what you might call the mindset of success. They think about what they want most of the time. They think about all of the reasons their music will benefit by learning those skills. They dwell on all the reasons why they CAN achieve the goals with music they desire. They look for solutions to obstacles and challenges. They believe that a solution to every challenge must exist and that they can find it through patient and consistent practice.

The flip side of this is the ‘Loser Mentality.’ These people tend to focus on their fears. They think about the problems they have with music and obsess about the obstacles they face. They focus on all of the reasons they CAN’T achieve their goals. They have a negative outlook on the world and believe that successful people are lucky and talented. Instead of looking for solutions to their challenges they look for more problems and reasons ‘Why they CAN’T.’

Obviously, you want to stay as far away from that ‘loser mentality’ as possible. Here are a few things you can do to instill and encourage that success mindset.

Begin by deciding exactly what you want. Choose a goal with music. Make sure it is believable. It should stretch your abilities but not by too much. Define it with as much detail as possible. If you’re new at this, choose a short-term goal like a month or so. Or even shorter.

Then make a list of all the ways in which your music and playing will benefit by achieving this goal. The longer the list the better. This will give you motivation to stay the course. Get you fired up.

Then make a list of everything you would have to do to achieve that goal. What skills will you need? What are all the actual steps you would need to take to achieve this goal? Remember to break the goal down into tiny steps, steps that you can see yourself completing each day.

Now put the list in order. As you think of new steps, add them to the list until you have what is essentially a step by step road map to your goal.

Now think about why you CAN achieve this. If negative thoughts come into your head, simply observe them, see them for what they are, false, and let them go. Immediately replace them with reasons why you CAN do it.

Finally, get to work. Work on your plan everyday until you nail it. Each time you nail a goal your confidence will grow. As you hit goal after goal you will begin to set bigger and bolder goals and the process will continue from there.

Remember: What others have done, you can do too.

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